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We are not your typical gym!  We know in order for most to succeed they need guidance and a program.  We have been changing people’s lives for over four years with our Semi Private Program.  All training programs include unlimited access to our facility.  Don’t just come for your classes, let us design a plan you can use all week.  Supplement your training program with Yoga, Pilates and Spinning.  Team and Semi both run 6 days a week, throughout the day.  Call, Stop in or Email now to get started! Dont wait to start making the new you, you deserve your best starting right now!


The structure of our team training gives you the maximum benefit of your program and full advantage of our training staff.  Each workout is designed to boost your metabolism, increase functional strength and flexibility and decrease injuries.  These classes are ideal for anyone looking to lose body fat while building lean muscle.  Includes initial fitness assessment, assessments every 4 weeks, online and mobile nutritional support from Registered Dietitians, weight loss coaching and UNLIMITED Team Training classes.  No advance sign ups needed, just show up when and as often as you can!    

*89 per month


All the benifits of one on one training without the cost!
-Intensive instructional coaching sessions with a group of 2-4 people.
-This program is designed to work on your specific needs and goals during your workout.
-An Individual workout is designed specifically for you along with your group work outs to ensure that you're working towards your goals outside of the semi-private sessions.
-Online and Mobile Nutritional Support from Registered Dietitians and Weight Loss Coaching
-Unlimited Team Training

You will receive individual assessments every 4 weeks. These assessments include body fat analysis and an outline for your workouts when not working with the trainer.  Fitness is not an overnight goal, which is why we want to sit down monthly and re-assess your progress and find the next milestone to strive for.  In addition to these meetings all training clients have daily access to their trainers for any road bumps or questions. 

*169 per month


Your personal trainer will design a program for you incorporating scientific exercise progression and specific target-area training. Weekly workouts are varied and interesting, incorporating different, innovative techniques to get you the best fitness results in the fastest amount of time. With one-on-one personal training you'll benefit from individual supervision from one of our professionally qualified and certified personal trainers, and you'll do it at your convenience on days and times that fit your schedule.

You will receive individual assessments every 4 weeks. These assessments include body fat analysis, intensive nutritional guidance and an outline for your workouts when not working with the trainer.

*599 per month for Unlimited sessions or 60 per session


For a highly motivated individual.  Let us lay out your program for you, and you can execute it on your own time using our tools and facility.  Meet with your trainer once every 4 weeks to update your personal plan.  Includes body composition analysis, nutrition coaching with mobile support and goal assessment. After assessing your current fitness levels and your goals, we'll design a program that best meets your needs with balanced nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training and corrective exercises.

*59 per month

NYSF Training workouts focus on:

Weight Loss - decrease body fat
Strength Training - promote lean muscle
Conditioning - maximize fat burning
Flexibility - stimulate soft tissue results
Nutrition - increase weight loss results
Core Strength - increase weight loss results
Accountability - work out with others for encouragement and motivation
Reduce Injuries - focus on corrective exercises and total body training

*All pricing is for 12 month aggrements. Month to month pricing is available at a 20% increase.